Darwin & Dragons: Traveling to the Galapagos

This post originally appeared in the magazine of a travel tour startup that didn't secure funding and went the way of the dinosaur. đŸ˜žâš°ïž Visiting the Galapagos is an expedition to see and smell and hear the origin of the species. Each island is its own harsh laboratory of adaptation, competition and evolution. Marine iguanas—the... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Things to Do in Paris

Paris was my first love. I moved there at 18 to live the poor starving writer life, albeit with a hefty dose of French grammar. I keep returning, each time finding a new cool 'hood, revisiting my old haunts, constantly enchanted by it all. Here's a roundup of my favorites. Zip up the metal asparagus... Continue Reading →

Find Two Wheel Nirvana on Tiny Île de RĂ©

I fell hard for salty, snazzy, sun-kissed Îe de RĂ©.This lilliputian island (150 sq km) halfway between Brittany and Bordeaux on France’s Atlantic coast is a favorite Parisian summer escape, where the windswept beaches and rural bliss meets sophisticated dining. It's peppered with sweet lighthouses, and shutters may only be painted one of 16 shades: eight... Continue Reading →

Three Simple Reasons to Love Vermont

Three simple reasons to love Vermont: Ubiquitous red barns, buying maple syrup from honor-system farm stands (toss bills in the can, pick up fresh maple syrup from the farm) and Americana in the form of 1930s vintage gas pumps (it still works!)  

My Favorite Ways to Embrace Nature in France

Think France and your mind automatically goes to food, the Eiffel Tower and hanging out at a cafe. But the country that delivers icons and romantic lanes is also filled with superb natural landscapes and outdoor adventure.  These are a few of my favorites. Spot flamingoes, wild horses and cowboys in the wild Camargue. Pink-winged... Continue Reading →

Top Five Things to do in Prague

Take architecture that rivals Paris, an enormous castle complex looming over the city, romantic, cobbled lanes promising a boisterous pub just beyond quiet squares, peculiar art sculptures popping up above your head and a party culture that never dies down, and the quirky and edgy puzzle of Prague’s culture emerges. It’s landmark bridge and the... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Things to Do in Vienna

Get lost in the maze and savor the bombastic Baroque splendor and at Schönbrunn Palace and gardens Start exploring Schönbrunn with wow-factor tour, from the Great Gallery, a 40m-long Rococo reception hall with ceiling frescoes depicting scenes from the Hapsburg monarchy, to the round Chinese Cabinets, where lacquered panels and blue porcelain get an Asian... Continue Reading →

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